About Crown Automotive Repairs

Crown Automotive is the best vehicle service centre in Hamilton, which was established 6 years ago. Over the years, we have served thousands of clients and have given them beyond perfect automotive repair services in the most affordable prices imaginable. We possess advanced level diagnostic equipment and best technicians who can make your car as new – be it a petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicle.
Earlier the company was owned by Ishan, a workshop mechanic for BMW in South Africa but from last 2 years, it has been taken over by Sukh. With his in-depth knowledge about deeper mechanics of commercial and private vehicles, Sukh has been successful in providing best care and attention to your vehicle.
From vehicle servicing to tune ups, brakes, clutch, engine, shock absorbers, car exhausts, car diagnosis, tyres, batteries, transmission and car repair, we can do every task related to car care and elongate the durability of your vehicle.



At Crown Automotive, we understand that human life comes to a halt when the vehicle starts causing some trouble. Therefore, to prevent you from being into any such hassle and having a vehicle that is always ready to take you wherever you want, we ensure that our services are not only least time consuming, but the most affordable as well.
We aim at providing the best in the area services and the prices that we offer are minimal. We bet you cannot get such outstanding car repair services from any other service provider in the area and that too in the same price. Throughout the year, we keep on introducing several packages and deals, using which you can save plenty of money and provide extra care to your beloved vehicle.
If you want to get your car repaired without spending a fortune, we are the workshop for you!